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What is the New hack for reaching higher profits in 2022 in Forex and Crypto trading? Best 8 Trading Prop Firms.

Do U know that there is a big competition of prop firms in offering trading accounts from 5.000 to 100.000$ , to 500.000$ , to even 1M $ ?

What is the best new hack for reaching higher gains in 2022 in trading? When a trader has a feeling that he/she has already the skills and is ready to enter financial markets, he/she has to find then, the right trading account that fills the requirements to reach the targets easily. Let us discuss Trading a Personal Live Account and funded account from Prop Trading Firms in 2022. When Trading as a prop firm-funded trader, the capital amount which is being offered is extremely big, especially to novice and beginner traders. Trading Forex/crypto/CFDs/Indices is a serious business, the trading prop firms are the best to know that as they accept to fund someone such amount of money. To be a good trader, you do not need to pass some school clarification because trading is job, an art that needs more dedication, discipline, focus, and skills. You can find master traders not holding any degree.

Nonetheless, some requirements and rules must be followed in trading prop firms accounts. Most of the rules rely on profits target and drawdown limits.

We will look at some rules of some prop trading firms accounts like FTMO, MFF, etc. They may not be many but adhering to them will make you a funded trader in the small winning team milking the markets like crazy. Whereas if funded of 100-400k $ even 10% a month you are making minimum some 10.000$ per month.

To get the idea of what we are trying to explain, as we are writing this post, the FTMO leaderboard shows one trader who is recording a profit of 700k $ on his 400k $ funded account.

This trader named Dariusz has made a gain of 176% of 400.000$ account in a month until this 07/07/2022. Furthermore, the question that comes first is how much did he invest to get that profit of 700.000$ in one month.

Meanwhile this trader reached the 350% profit at the date of 21/08/2022, meaning more than one million US dollars profit in one month, still going.

That is to say, the only investment for that profit equals 2160 Euros and Skills.

However, let us discuss the differences and benefits of trading personal live accounts and trading proprietary firm account.

What is the best broker to trade for a day trading trader?

First of all, why do we focus on one style of Day Trader? Of course, our goal is to make trading our life job. A Day Trader is active trader every day in the market with the purpose to be profitable in long term.

In Pipstars TG, we aim to form and help those interested in trading to become successful full-time traders with a very clean and simple strategy that fits each one personality.

With our experts’ knowledge, we have gathered information about trading a personal account, prop capital, and which prop trading firm can be your right pick to achieve financial freedom.

We will not go in deep into the benefits and cons of the different trading accounts for a Day Trader.

What is a Live trading Account?

A live trading account can be any investment account containing securities, cash, or other holdings. But for us forex and crypto traders, a live trading account is different to demo account. We name it again a real trading account because it consists of real money.

The capital you invest in order to trade in financial markets. Most commonly, a live trading account refers to a day trader’s primary account. It is an account you open to the broker and funds with your money to allow you to trade in financial markets price movements.

Nevertheless, to trade your live account, you will need to put some money into it.

When the price is selling, you should then get in the sells to profit and buy when the asset price movement is buying. Otherwise, you get in the losses.

So, our job task is to put SELL and BUY orders on a trading account, get profits and get profit by doing that. You can open an account personally with the brokerage or you can get the account from the trading proprietary firm which offers accounts with very big capital with some conditions which apply.

The good news is there is a very big competition among trading prop firms to get the best-skilled traders. As traders then we got two ways to profit from financial markets whether with a personal live trading account or with a funded account from a trading prop firm.

Let’s get to understand the pros and cons of those 2 styles of accounts and how we can make a good choice.

A personal trading live account is a created and funded account to trade from the broker.

Thanks to the Internet which allowed now anyone with a connected device to the Internet to be able to place a trade in financial markets. Once, it was the domain of large banks, multi-national corporations and hedge fund managers. This openness to the financial markets with the Internet, has effectively opened up the forex market, the largest capital market in the World to many retail traders.

And then, let’s say also that we observe to the rise of numbers of individuals interested in trading and investing as well as online forex, CFDs and crypto brokers. This year 2021-2022 has been a record because of pandemics, regarding to Bloomberg.

Furthermore, a trader has to pick a good and honest broker to handle his online forex trading account. So, a deep analysis of different brokers is needed. For example, if a trader is used to put his/her tight stop losses on his/her trades, he may need a broker low spread and low commissions.

For me, IC Markets is a good choice for as it fits my trading routine. Why? Because it gives me a low spread for my traded pairs. For EURUSD, I easily use stoploss of 1-3 pips and get not stopped out mostly because of spread.

So the personal live trading account is a financial account similar to the accounts you have with a bank. You open an account with a broker and you deposit your preferred funds to use in trading with the brokerage. Then, once money is on your brokerage account, you can put the money to trade using the brokerage’s trading platform mostly MetaTrader 4(MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5) or any other available trading platform. My preferred broker for trading cryptocurrencies and forex assets is IC Markets.

Why IC Markets and why it fits our trading plan?

As also you can find more information on how this broker attired many traders especially those trading CFDs, crypto, and Forex here.

IC Markets is the broker that has low spread prices and it fits me personally as day trader I am used to using tight stops to my trades while I take many positions during the day. So, the spread is not a problem at all.

I like their support and deposing/withdrawing quick process. But if any other presents with best services I can join. If you have any ideas, feel free to share in the comment section below.

If you wish to discover our trading strategy based on pure price action in forex and crypto, join us or just opt to learn the strategy if you consider yourself as an advanced trader.

Proprietary trading companies or firms train and hire experienced and professional traders and invest their finances through these professionals. Depending on the company’s reputation and position, you can have funds ranging from $500 to millions. You can use your experience, various trading tools, and techniques to profit from your money. For each profit, you can have your commission or variable profit splits.

Trading as a prop firm funded trader, you will earn for sure much money…because of big capital trading account.

There are approximately 10 million forex traders in the world today. 3.2 million are in Asia, and 1.5 million each in Europe and North America. 1 in 10 people currently invest in cryptocurrencies, many for ease of trading, CNBC survey finds. More people are jumping into cryptocurrency, many because of how easy it’s become to trade digital assets.

Various prop trading firms are operating in the industry that enables individuals to join and trade and earn profits for their assets. Many people hire professionals to trade their prop capital amount. Such firms allow you to trade in Crypto, Forex, and other commodities, including indices, bonds, metals, stocks, and futures. Trading funded accounts will help you then trade big capital and prove your profitability and discipline.

What is Proprietary Capital?

A Proprietary Capital is a prime amount invested by the trader through professionals and experienced traders. They make a profit from this capital and earn commission from it.

In other words, when a proprietary trading firm invests in commodities, stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments, that amount is known as Proprietary Capital.

Our professionals have researched the 7 top prop trading firms in 2022. If you want to trade your account and make noticeable profits, you can join any real-life trading firm and start earning by staying home.

Discover our SMT trading strategy in just 15 seconds to make wise trading decisions.

Here is the list of 7 top Prop trading firms in 2022 you should know about:

MyForexFunds is one of the new prop firms founded in July 2020. Technically, they offer three different structures or levels, depending on your expertise and experience as a trader. They also have packages for young to expert traders.

Different types and sizes of accounts are really attractive at very low prices, follow the MFF website to discover.

Moreover, the firm’s location is Canada, Ontario, and Toronto, which deals with Indexes, Forex trading, Metals, and Commodities. Also, the initial balance is $10,000 with refundable registration fees and profit-sharing up to 85%.


  • Offers various plans and packages to fit your requirements.
  • Learn about resistance and support and risk management.
  • Funding for beginner traders with the highest profit sharing and flexible trading rules.
  • Overall max 12% and Max daily DD 5%

Another pick from our experts is Fidelcrest, a globally recognized prop trading firm. Its headquarter is located in Nicosia, Cyprus. It is known as one of the best firms for Forex trading. Get more information about Forex trading here. The firm is equipped with skilled and expert traders capable of meeting the requirements after accessing accounts with real funds; thus, they can make a difference in living.

Technically, the firm offers to trade in a broad range of account sizes and offers options to accommodate all types of traders with different levels of expertise. The initial balance is $50,000, and the profit split is 90%.


  • The profit target for MicroFX is 5%
  • Offers relaxing options for new traders.
  • 1:100 leverage
  • The maximum limit for trading funded accounts is up to $1,000,000.
  • Requires min 10 days of activity per period.

FTMO is actually considered to be the first prop trading firm with a large number of retail traders and experience.

It is suitable for those Forex and crypto traders willing to make their trading profits trading big accounts up to 400K $. We showed here one of the FTMO traders who made 176% of his funded account of 400K $ which is around 700k $ profit.

Subsequently, the firm’s location is the Czech Republic, and an initial balance of 50k balance for $345 and a 25k balance for $250 with a profit split up to 90%.


  • It offers accounts with a worth of $10,000 up to $400.000
  • Simple two steps evaluation.
  • Holding positions and News event real-life trading overnight.
  • It provides the facility to use EAs, trade discretionary, and hedging.
  • The leverage ratio is 1:100, and time pressure is normal and aggressive depending on the situation.

It is a London-based trading firm popularly known for offering Forex trading. It provides one of the industry’s best educational offerings and scaling programs. The initial balance requirement by the firm is from $10k – $70k, with the profit split up to 100%.


  • Leverage ratio 1: 10
  • Time pressure is a minimum of 30 ATD during the period of evaluation.
  • Hedging and EAs are allowed.
  • Weekends, holding overnight, and news trades are allowed.
  • Evaluation time is about one year.

The5ers is a famous trading firm for Forex trading. From beginners to experts, it offers excellent packages for all of them. To join this firm, a trader only needs to prove that they have expertise in the trading business and can trade, stick to their plans, and maintain a consistent behavior.

Furthermore, they offer three models to prove your credibility and get profit splits up to 100%. The firm is based in Israel, and the initial balance depends on the model you choose, ranging from €85 to €745.


  • One-time fee investment only.
  • Quick funding to real accounts.
  • Get access to the victorious trader’s community to share your ideas and thoughts.
  • Leverage ratio 1:30 or 1:6, depending on the model you choose.
  • Hypergrowth scaling till $4m.

This trading firm is located in London and Bratislava, targeting experts and experienced prop traders. The main motive of this firm is to provide the traders capital and tools while benefiting from their expertise and excel.

Moreover, they deal with commodities, indices, forex, and crypto, funding up to $150,000 for the initial plan and $2,500,000 for aggressive plans. The profit split of the firm is up to 65%.


  • A trader can be a part of this firm on their terms with the firm’s simple and actionable plans.
  • Be a part of the community and learn from your fellow traders’ 50 years of experience.
  • Get regular market updates through live streams and commentary.
  • Access the chat room and share your ideas and thoughts.

Leeloo trading firm is our expert’s another pick. It is a reputed business trading firm offering transparent packages to facilitate funding and trading processes. The funding phase lasts from 10 days to an unlimited period, though you must not violate their rules and regulations with the initial balance is $100,000.


  • Freely trade with your trading strategy.
  • Single login for multiple accounts.
  • Ten days of minimum trading.
  • No limit for withdrawal after one month of trading.
  • Complete freedom to trade with full-size accounts.

This prop firm is suitable for forex pairs trading ,some crypto and indices. It has different sort of challenges like Standard, Royal and Swing. The max account to be taken is 400k$. Feel free to follow their The funded Trader Website.

Some of their features:

Challenge Leverage: 1:200

Minimum Trading Days :5

Phase 1 Target (35 Days)

Phase 2 Target (60 Days)

Max Loss :12%

Max Daily Loss :6%

Profit Split : 80% | 90% with Scaling

Wrapping Up

Recently, we see a very huge number of trading prop firms offering attractive price for challenges and even high-profit split of funded accounts in favor of the trader. Trading funded account offers a possibility to be rewarded with big profits as stated above. You can choose between many prop firms like E8 Funding, FTMO , MFF, TFT, TCP, etc.

A trader has to get to do his own research to find which prop trading firm has rules and concept aligning with his trading style. Once, you trade with Pipstars TG styles, you will have to pick one style and set rules that go in accordance with the supposed trading firm.

For example, for our 15s Trading strategy that helps us to day trade with tight stop losses 0.4pip to 2pips.

FTMO, TFT, E8 are very suitable for this strategy because of their low spread and commissions. We still do some research every day. However, note first, you have to know your personnality and test it in real market , that is what we teach in PIPSTARS TG.

Our overal trading plan is based to risk very low and let the runs run in the most profits.

Joining a prop trading firm has many benefits like you can start earning with the minimum threshold amount and get free training for trading. Moreover, you can have a direct excess to exchange with no conflict of interest between the company and a trader.

You cannot become a funded trader unless you prove your credibility and expertise. Trading funded accounts can help you achieve easily your goals. However, consistent efforts can make you one of the expert traders and help you to get financial freedom.

In Pipstars TG, we strive to make trading our real job. You can join us to be among successful day traders with one proven, simple and longterm consistent trading strategy.

Interested in discovering the real turns in the trading business, be an active day trader, with a very clean strategy proven to be successful in the long term in any condition of the markets, join us and click below to discover.

trading as business

Why Trading is the best business?

It is easy to say that Trading is the best business to do when you see the results of traders trading forex and cryptocurrencies in financial markets on different social media.

Of course, it is the best business when you check how quickly and easily the traders are earning such amounts of money. But don’t forget that the path to arrive to that level is a very long way. Every successful trader will tell you how many years it took. It is a question of years and years of sweat and tears…

As you may know, trading is a business that is different to casino. Those who come to trading with chasing odds don’t remain longer in the game because they search for shortcuts or cheat codes. Therefore, they don’t want to learn and understand how prices move in financial markets and stick to a strategy or respect risk management.

They just want success in few times with a magical formula. Successful traders, however, understand the need for commitment and diligence as two important factors to run their trading business. If still struggling with strategy defining, maybe this book will help you putting you on a good track.

Trading is a business done with the internet facility, but not like dropshipping, online shops, or other businesses which require much energy and sufficient capital in building, promoting, and running them. It is a business among others and those traders who understand this have got to understand big fact useful in their trading skillset.

However, do not think all those you see with big screens are profitable every day. Trading is all about planning and knowing and applying your goals to the realities of financial markets. At Amazon, you can find some good stuffs to help make you a good trading office even at low price. For example this financial markets because at the end of the day , it is you who pays yourself. So, you have to manage all the aspects of the trading business precisely.

Successful traders have belief in what they are doing, they have a long-term vision for their business.

Trading is a serious business and has to be treated so, in order to assure yourself a good future and consistent profits that sustain your subsistence and your family.

Trading is a business where you do not want to know what is behind the prices moving, you just have to react to what the price is showing you. Also; the price movements are visible to all with transparency from around the Globe.

What you have to know is that in this business it’s just you and your computer. You press buttons of buys and sells and you close the trades and that’s all…

I wish it would be easy like that. The thing nobody tells you is when to buy or sell nor when to close the trades. Every trade you take is a risk attached. You aim to get profit from risking your money.

Risking the money has not been easy in a most uncertain market, that is why another mindset control becomes important. But even if it is said that trading is the most DIFFICULT profession in the World but is less stressful for professional traders. If you are still trading with stress, please reassess your skills and trading plan.

You will be long-term consistent trader once you trade with no stress. If you still struggle, reach us to show you tips and ways to be part of those successful traders.

  1. You are the boss of yourself, your actions pay you.
  2. Your trading skills increase day after day. The focus and commitment you put in your trading improve your understanding and knowledge about price movements in the markets. This means you learn exponentially while trading
  3. You can trade many assets as you wish without leaving your trading desk.
  4. You can trade with small capital. Once you are skilled, many trading prop firms like FTMO,FTT, MFF etc offer you a big amount of funded account after passing their challenge.
  5. Results are appearing instantly and you can withdraw from brokers anytime you wish.
  6. You don’t have to promote, showcase or look for customers
  7. You can pause or begin your trading anytime you wish.

If you want to know more about trading and how to succeed in trading different assets in financial markets, we have developed some strategies based on technical analysis and understanding of the price movements. You can discover with us by clicking here below.

Once you become a successful trader, no one gets to know how much you earn until you disclose it. It is not like other jobs where there is the possibility to estimate your salary amount.

The markets are open only 5 days a week but if you trade crypto you can continue trading on weekends. Hence, personally, I am saying that Trading is the best business to do in our century. A trader can profit in down trending markets like the economical crisis that we saw lately, in uptrend price movements like those we saw lately with some crypto or also sideways. In all situations, a trader has to be prepared to trade adequately and successfully.

After some years in trading and researches, we develop strategies and approaches to know what to do in any situation.

If you are already a trader and want to discover our trading strategy based on smart money concept very easy to apply and get financial freedom in less than 6 months with a trading plan included.

Click here below.

trading for freedom

Trading for Financial Freedom

What is financial freedom?

financial freedom

It’s different for everyone to define. Ok, It’s about buying what you want and when you want; having no debt; being able to support yourself, or simply being rich. But methodologically, financial freedom is when your passive income exceeds your expenses allowing you the freedom to achieve your ideal life and no longer need to work as an employee. Definition from Canberra University.

Typically, the journey to Financial Freedom has never been easy. It requires sweat and tears.

Many have thought that Trading is the best quick way to achieve financial freedom.

Trading Forex and Crypto to reach Financial Freedom may be the quickest one but the preparation and hustle to achieve will be even harder than you think. You will grow your trading account by 500% in one day, that is possible or even for some days. But will you be doing that every day for long-term?

Every successful trader has fought hard emotionally and physically to be “consistent” in his trading routine to reach financial freedom.

The period a trader takes to be consistent can be even tough and hard. Because it is easy to press the button BUY or SELL, but they are the rules, skills and mindset you apply, that will make a very rich and successful trader.

Every successful trader has realized that trading any asset is not quick money. It’s not something you’ll pick up in a week. Every successful trader has a wonderful and inspiring journey to financial freedom. Assuming it’ll be easy is the first mistake. By doing so you’re setting yourself up for an unnecessary internal battle.

//I wanna be free financially
//I wanna be able to travel the World
//I wanna be living without debt and credit
      Press YES

Do yourself a favor.

Fight for yourself. Fight for your freedom.

Freedom You searched Yourself is the Real Freedom

Financial freedom is freedom of income and time.

Independent Income

Financial freedom is having an independent income which is having the money stability to do what you need in life without stress.

What is financial freedom? It’s different for everyone, but methodologically, financial freedom is when your passive income (from your own business or assets) exceeds your expenses… allowing you the freedom to achieve your ideal life… and no longer need to work as an employee!

Freedom of time

Financial freedom is connected to time freedom. Getting able to get more flexibility with your schedules. Freedom of time and financial independence go hand in hand. Together, they are about leaving the rat race to follow your passion, or spend more time with family, and not going completely broke doing it.

It could come in the form of more paid time off, flex time or perhaps working remotely on occasion. Not having to take a day off from work just so you can visit the dentist or take your kid to the doctor could be a huge benefit for some.

Money alone isn’t everything and it won’t make you happy on its own, but what if you had the financial resources you needed to take control of and improve your life?

The sun shining over a ridge leading down into the shore. In the distance, a car drives down a road.

Trading for Financial Freedom; assume that it will be tough in your first learning and experience acquiring period. Hence, it requires a good portion of your time, focus, wealth. And embrace that realism.

By doing so you’re setting yourself up correctly for the process that ensues.

Of course, You expect setbacks, challenges and of course breakthroughs. Change some of your daily common life routines and wear the trader’s habit and vest.

Important Tools to achieve the Financial Freedom targets are:

  • Clarify your goals, motivations
  • have a positive mindset that you can achieve financial freedom.
  • Have an automatic cash flow and bank account system that includes a budget to identify your discretionary expenses, non-discretionary expenses, and savings plans.
  • Be happy in your job and personal life, as this can help you stay motivated to stick with the plan and reduce rash emotional spending.

Those steps are a must for everyone willing to work on his journey to financial freedom.

Focus on your one goal until you see it through. Then and only then move on to the next until you reach all your financial freedom targets.

Nothing gets done in this scattered generation if we’ve got too many things on our plate and no order of importance for them.

Do the needle mover actions long enough consistently… and you’ll start realizing your goals.

We have no excuses when a message is delivered. As it is said being poor is being deprived of “information”.

Of course, having information is not enough, trading for financial freedom may not be easy because it asks learning, dedication, of course having a thirst to be financially free. Start with learning the basics (very important) in trading like “Bible candlesticks”, to discover more clicking here . And then pick the right strategy and milk the market.

In Pipstars TG, we help to teach our successful strategy for day traders.

Our strategy consists to be present in the market during working hours and make in a trading some meaningful income adding or replacing the 9-5 job. We have designed the whole parcours to help learners in their goal to make trading paying their bills and make them achieve their personal financial goals.

Interested make us a call. You may first need to describe your level to help us help you well by choosing here below.

If beginner and wishing to discover the realities of trading, click below:

If advanced and preferably with smart money concepts skills, please click below:

More is not better.

Less is better.

Do less, better.

Cut the distractions...

If you wanna discover how trading is the well the best option for achieving your financial freedom in 2022, click here to book a call and discover secrets and hints you will never find anywhere.

If you want to discover at yourself the trading, before you jump to many videos and courses over there, start with learning the Candlestick Trading Bible.

If you are already trading and not making consistent profits from financial markets and struggling to reach your financial freedom, try our guaranteed approach and strategy in trading Forex and Crypto using pure price actions. Click here if interested.

Are you ready for financial freedom? What are your goals to achieve your financial freedom?

If motivated and highly hyped to change your life with trading in financial markets, join us in Pipstars Trading Group.

Lets get it…

successful trader

Trading Career: Hunt for Success

Career and Experience: what to know?

A successful trading career is an overall strategic plan including rules and strategies for working with financial markets with profitability for long term. As we know without traders, the world as we know it today wouldn’t exist. Trading career has been now put available to any part of the World. Thanks to the internet.

This is a job that consists to fight to be profitable. The fight is against persons or entities which are wealthier, intelligent, strategic even smarter than you. The fight may not only include skills and capital but the trader has to arm himself mentally and be ready to Success. The success will not be until it becomes consistent for a long-term period.

So a trader is there to be smarter and even smarter in his trading business running. Here you can find some skills a trader has to develop to be successful in his career.

Trading = Unstoppable learning process?

A good trader has to be a good learner every day to find true consistent trading success. The trading career requires as many skills, control, and focus every day or every time you approach your trading desk. The actions of a trader come from well-analyzed setups and schematics and also following confirmations for each trade to take.

Treating your trading career as a business is vital to get you doing great using your highly documented method and strategy to elevate every day to a higher level. Trading is a business that doesn’t forgive your feelings, so, a set of discipline rules has to be in place to assure longevity and consistency in the game.

Build a Trading Career

build a trading plan

Becoming a full-time successful trader and the profitable trader can be not easy. There is no school for that. It’s a strategic plan which comes from months of research into the market. The successful traders have refined strategies that suit their personalities and availabilities to the markets.

The trading career is a very serious business that needs a lot of focus every day. Your services and products are not the same with those in other businesses. The trading career operates in uncertainty. A trader needs a good preparation for the outcomes of his actions are.

To put all in action, a trader needs to have short-term and long-term targets. The management and strategy help you to achieve those goals. The guidelines have to be set also for the protection of the invested capital fully oriented to the increase…

Personally, I trade very similar specific scenarios and most of my trades look very similar. But also this comes from years of specializing in only those setup types. Hell yeah, it has not been easy, how many strategies I tried and learned and didn’t like? How many mistakes I did and got punished or not? Until I began to focalize to the one style which I mastered and built guidelines for it for not to deviate from.

To become a successful professional trader as we say needs some work on learning and research. I refer this page where some steps have been published on how to arrive to.

Trading Career Experience

It is the best advice to beginners or those who need to begin their trading career; to achieve in this business you will have to be an expert. There is no school for being an expert more than the markets themselves.

What I mean is that many things have to apply in perfection to be long-time profitable. The trader has to develop perfectly his edge which consists to know strategy, rules, guidelines, and plans to achieve your daily and overall goals. That by taking what markets give and not give always to it only.

Every detail in the trading routine needs to be perfectly understood and described to guide you for taking good decisions. A pro trader has skills in sessions, market liquidities, structures, stops, and targets in every situation of the market he is in.

Most traders lack consistency and are far from being experts because they always change their approach. That comes from watching other traders’ results. As the money is devil, in this trading career, they are so many risks and attractions. When u got taken in, can lead you to underestimate your progress and work. While at any business, above every genius person, there is another genius. And also not take into account that trading accounts are not the same nor the days are not the same at different strategies. You can find a strategy that performs a lot in such circumstances but not in another. Also, even a winning strategy needs many other aspects to be consistent and everyone has a special personality.

A business can not be profitable if they change its products and services every day. Note this. It is the same in trading career.

Building an edge that makes you a profitable and professional trader is a must process.

The good thing in trading career is that it can be much rewarding, we can confidently say that it is a skill set that will save your life anytime in any situation. When you learn it ,you can not unlearn. It is always yours and can not be taken away.

The financial markets present endless opportunities every single day for traders who have the right knowledge and a good approach. once you know what you are doing, everything keeps repeating, printing cash out of the markets.

Reality of Trading

And how does it differ from what most flex online? Let’s talk about it.

We’ve touched on this before if you’ve read any of our past content. Trading is nothing but a skill set.

The same as learning how to walk. Learning how to ride a bike. Learning how to tie your shoe.

But upon practice, you became familiar with. And eventually mastered.

Now of course the learning curve on developing a skill like Day Trading differs in length + complexity vs. riding a bike or tieing a shoe. The rewards/return on learning how to trade also HEAVILY outweighs the rewards/return earned from riding a bike or tieing a shoe.

The point being… the harder the challenge, the greater the reward. Mastering trading to the point it becomes unconsciously competent (automatic) takes time and persistence to develop.

But once your skillset is honed and you can consistently generate an ROI on the trading day, week, month…

You’re set.

You have a skill pocketed that can produce a consistent income stream for you month in month out, year in year out.

It can become your primary source of income that can support pretty well any lifestyle you choose to pursue.

The reality of developing this skill differs from how most online portray it.

It’s not fast. It’s not easy. It’s not effortless.

It’s hard. And it should be.

We won’t hide this fact from you.

Instead, we’d rather tell you how it is, and show you EXACTLY what you need to do to become one of the best.

Follow the roadmap and execute against it.

Others have done it before you, so why wouldn’t you be able to do the same?

To become great at Trading requires the discipline to shut yourself out from distraction.

Become laser focused on your one thing.

If it’s trading, giving this one path your sole attention UNTIL you hit your desired goal.

We believe now due to all the claims that it’s EASY to accomplish BIG things.

It’s not.

It requires abnormal levels of commitment and focus to achieve abnormal results.

What to do?

trading goal

Be an expert who has a winning mindset and edge. To win in this profession, you need to be smart and well-disciplined. Smart to adapt to any situation while profiting from any adaptation. I refer you to this post where some skills of a pro trader are enumerated.

So, You will have to develop a pro-mindset that helps to act as a professional of the markets with conscientiousness.

An expert knows that it won’t be easy and you won’t succeed all the time. But he/she has guidelines that makes him/her move his/her actions and decisions in a better decision.

Therefore, The pro traders know what their goals are, and what their objectives are. Well prepared, they analyze probabilities and accurate trading risks of everything that goes on.

A trader must have a plan before he starts his trading to avoid being just a gambler.

A businessman knows perfectly his products and services and a good professional trader knows perfectly his setups and strategies.

trade recaps

SETUPS, TRADES RECAP, TOOLS: What is its importance?

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We will brievely talk about setups, trades recap and tools used by traders. Now, all information are available on the web for things used for pro traders. Those 3 words are common for a trader. Firstly, a trader will need some tools and know how to use them for his/her profitability. Before we talk about trades recap or EOD (End Of Day), let’s talk about tools used by professional traders.

First of all, you will need a connected computer. Having a clear wide computer to see beautifully all the details you need is very important BEFORE you take any life decision.

Personally, I use this computer monitor which I suggest. It helps me a lot to see lower timeframes candles (5-30seconds chart) very nicely. That is one among my entry confirmations as well. You take a look at it by clicking here.

I also use a Wifi Range Extender Signal Booster in my house. This help me when I am in my trading hours to remain connected with no Internet issues. Every trader had almost experienced an issue of connection while willing to close or adapt his positions one day.

For professional traders, they know how important is to use a very clear and easy to follow Trading Notebook. I actually use Notion and a Trading notebook. This is a very sweet notebook where I log my trades and believe me , this has improved me a lot in my trading career.

Many pro traders manage different trading accounts. This may take another blog to talk about the use and importance of trading many accounts.

All in all, there is a big importance of setting rules and create a nice atmosphere for your day trading. That allow a trader to keep focussed 100% , avoid noises that can be disastrous in trading,etc.

Nowadays, we have been a very big competition of prop firms looking for talented traders. Many prop firms offer even a very cheap price of big trading accounts… This means, it is the skills of traders that they need to give you a bigger account. So then, you profit both of you.

  • Trade assistant is a tool I use to enter my orders in my MetaTrader 4. With my rules and daily plan set, this trade assistant helps me to gain time while trading. No need to calculate risk percentage and pips, risk rewards, etc because that can take valuable time for a trader and costs you not to enter in the markets in the time.
  • Trade recaps homework or EOD is about reviewing how the market reacted during the day and how you and your strategy reacted to them. My daily Trades recap has been my gamechanger in my career.

Trade Recaps are not those text notes for our technical analysis on trading charts. But trades recap is done for assessing and reviewing what happened in the session or trading day.

Trading is an unstoppable learning process. Doing everyday trades recaps helps to elevate the skills and make you see mistakes and things you did better for future progress. They make you be prepared for the next day or trades as well as build trust in the strategy with different scenarios.

Here will be posting some of the EOD(end of day) and trade setups taken, either Losses and Wins. Hope they help someone else for excelling and the learning process.

Within Trades Recap, you will find our trading concept and how we milk the market based on liquidities and market structure.

We have a clear way of understanding liquidities in the market and trading sessions to be able to take a position in the market we are trading.

Advanced Self Review

We usually do our ASR (Advanced Self Review) daily and weekly. This is a fundamental duty for a trader in his career.


Self Assessment

This consists to assess your trading psychology and results during the trading day. You evaluate your strengths and weakness. With it, you get to be confident about your strategy and plan. You enumerate the issues and problems and you find the solutions.

Your relation with the business plan

Having rules of entry, exit, and management of trades in place in your business, the trader reviews how the rules were followed and the impact of it on the results in your trading account.

The business plan has to be checked everyday and always adapt to the assets situations of the markets. Fundamental situations such as crises are some motivations to adapt it to the current situation.

We will share an example of ASR in future.

Doing an ASR helps a trader to see what happened and what is happening. Therefore, he becomes prepared to achieve his trading goals. Always rate yourself and set the bar always a little higher. We hustle for success, we sweat for success by doing all these tasks regularly.

Feel free to share your setups and question anything.


Happy Trading.

How to control your trading mindset?

It is said that we have more than

Your mind, more specifically, your thoughts, affects your perception and therefore, your interpretation of reality.

Maintaining the right mindset is very important for being a successful trader. The job of a trader is to face the current reality and use it for better outcomes in future. Therefore, the outcomes are uncertain in financial markets for a trader. This is why a trader has to set many parameters in order to achieve in his career especially for long term.

The professional trader has to have his mindset intact and stronger. He improves everyday his trading psychology to minimize the effect of emotions during his trading time.

Traders know why mindset occupy around 80% of trading routine to be successful.

Trading psychology refers to a trader’s mindset during his trading time. It can decide the extent to which a trader win in securing profits or it can be a result why a trader incurred heavy losses.

Innate human traits like biases and feelings play a pivotal aspect in decisions taking of buy or sell. The fundamental focal point of getting to know about buying and selling psychology is essential. To control the trading mindset, a trader has to be conscious and be able to control his actions and measure his decisions before. The pro trader when trading will usually act on bias or market conditions and not on emotion. They are business-oriented yielding profits while also managing perfectly their capital by minimizing their losses.

Managing the Emotions

Emotions are not your enemy. This is extremely important to understand. Ignoring them will not help you at all. If anything, they will simply make you more prone to bad trading decisions. What’s more critical is being the master of your emotions with the right mindset rather than the other way around.

One of the key things to creating profitable trading psychology is describing your trading emotions and figuring out early on how you react to the markets in some situations. Your Trading psychology has to be in a state where you take actions not influenced by emotions. You will want to be straightforward with yourself.

Managing emotions is vital to maintain the calm and remain on the plan following during trading. If not, they can lead you to make rash and ill-advised selections that have little analytical backing. However, it is additionally vital to play to your personal strengths. For instance, if you are naturally calm and calculated, you can take benefit of these personal qualities all through your time on the markets.

What are you fighting against as a trader?

The thing is…I can tell you what you’re fighting against.

Why? Because I’ve been there.

It’s not the common answer either…

Because most traders don’t actually know what they’re fighting against…

  • Most don’t succeed.
  • They get frustrated.
  • They burn out.
  • They give up.
  • The answer?

It’s impatience. It’s expectations. It’s worldview.

It’s your internal operating system that you’re fighting against.

Some thoughts and problems which affect your mindset in trading:

You aren’t progressing fast enough… and so you get frustrated.

You aren’t making money yet… and so you get frustrated.

You aren’t living the lifestyle you see on Instagram yet… and so you get frustrated.

You compare your current state to your desired state and you’re fighting reality.

Poor expectations about how the process REALLY goes is what’s hurting you.

You’re judging yourself on a daily basis – thinking you’re doing something wrong.

WHEN REALLY, if you’re showing up daily and learning, practicing, getting help and moving the needle on your growth 1% forward daily, you’re doing EXACTLY what’s required of success.

Key takeaway?

  • Reset your expectations. And do it correctly.
  • Think in years not days, weeks, or months.
  • Follow the roadmap. Please follow it!

If you feel stressed, tired, uncertain, lost, frustrated…These are signs that you’re fighting reality and expecting faster progression. Study content. Practice what you study. Get help when you have questions.

If you’re doing the above consistently long enough over time…You’ll become a consistent and successful trader.

Get your internal game working FOR you not against you.

Remove the unnecessary baggage that you’re carrying that is internal resistance.

Get back to just working the process, day in, day out.

Managing emotions during trading is a must and help to be consistent. The trader will need to reassess his psychology for trading every time.

Many choose to reassess and review trades and psychology between sessions. The trader has to be conscious of his personal feelings and emotions when describing and analyzing his biases.

what is trading forex

PipStars Trading Group: What you need to know

We are professional and hardworking traders and investors for some years! Some of us have been in the forex trading game for more than 6 years.

We stand for helping others to become master traders.

Pipstars Trading Group began 2021 with 3 traders. After some months of research and learning. Since then, we have been working together. First-quarter of year, we analyzed markets, refined strategy and excelled with different live markets conditions. Now our main goal is to share what we have came through to help individuals make a huge difference in their trading career.

What you need to know is that Pipstars Trading group had made an easy-to-follow roadmap. We developed a way of viewing markets to make easily predict the markets prices.

The main goal of traders is overall to become financially free and independent. The Trading World can be risky and hard to understand. We have developed strategies to apply in certain situations. We afford the markets with ease, efficacity, and simplicity to achieve the highest profit targets. We share with all what you need to know to be a consistent and profitable trader.

Feel free to reach us in order to become part of Pipstars Trading Group OR to be helped to be funded and full time trader.