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What is financial freedom?

financial freedom

It’s different for everyone to define. Ok, It’s about buying what you want and when you want; having no debt; being able to support yourself, or simply being rich. But methodologically, financial freedom is when your passive income exceeds your expenses allowing you the freedom to achieve your ideal life and no longer need to work as an employee. Definition from Canberra University.

Typically, the journey to Financial Freedom has never been easy. It requires sweat and tears.

Many have thought that Trading is the best quick way to achieve your financial freedom.

Yes of course , we chose Trading Forex and Crypto to reach Financial Freedom. But you will realize that it’s not quick money. It’s not something you’ll pick up in a week. Every successful trader has a wonderful and inspiring journey to financial freedom. Assuming it’ll be easy is the first mistake. By doing so you’re setting yourself up for an unnecessary internal battle.

Do yourself a favor.


Independent Income

The financial freedom is having an independent income which is having the money stability to do what you need in life without stressing.

What is financial freedom? It’s different for everyone, but methodologically, financial freedom is when your passive income (from your own business or assets) exceeds your expenses… allowing you the freedom to achieve your ideal life… and no longer need to work as an employee!

Freedom of time

Financial freedom is connected to time freedom. Getting able to get more flexibility with your schedules. Freedom of time and financial independence go hand in hand. Together, they are about leaving the rat race to follow your passion, or spend more time with family, and not going completely broke doing it. It could come in the form of more paid time off, flex time or perhaps working remotely on occasion. Not having to take a day off from work just so you can visit the dentist or take your kid to the doctor could be a huge benefit for some.

Money alone isn’t everything and it won’t make you happy on its own, but what if you had the financial resources you needed to take control of and improve your life?

Reaching this kind of financial empowerment is a respectable and admirable goal, but first you must understand what that really means to you.

The sun shining over a ridge leading down into the shore. In the distance, a car drives down a road.

Reach Financial Freedom ; assume that it will be tough.

And that it’ll require a good deal of work.

And embrace that realism.

By doing so you’re setting yourself up correctly for the process that ensues.

Expect setbacks, challenges and of course breakthroughs.

The first steps to achieve the Financial Freedom targets are:

  • Clarify your goals, motivations
  • have a positive mindset that you can achieve financial freedom.
  • Have an automatic cash flow and bank account system that includes a budget to identify your discretionary expenses, non-discretionary expenses, and savings plans.
  • Be happy in your job and personal life, as this can help you stay motivated to stick with the plan and reduce rash emotional spending.

Those steps are a must for everyone willing to work on his journey to financial freedom.

Focus on your one goal until you see it through. Then and only then move onto the next until you reach all your financial freedom targets.

Nothing gets done in this scattered generation if we’ve got too many things on our plate and no order of importance for them.

Do the needle mover actions long enough consistently… and you’ll start realizing your goals.

More is not better.

Less is better.

Do less, better.

Cut the distractions...

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Are you ready for financial freedom? What are your goals to achieve your financial freedom?